Monday, September 13, 2010


The outfit vote was decided when Grandma chose the first outfit and express shipped it overnight to LO.  Even the box is cute--damn you expensive baby clothes. Thanks, grandma! I promised that I would only buy LO clothes from Target and Old Navy as they have awesome cute clothes, sigh. 

We went to Shabbat dinner on Friday night as my grandfather was visiting and it was nice to see the family.  Everyone took a bunch of pictures that I sadly look sweaty and weird in.  The sad part being that I had actually made an effort.  As we were finishing Shabbat dinner at a large table, my grandfather "whispered" that LO didn't look Jewish to my aunt.  The whole table heard and I was a bit embarrassed for no particular reason. I blurted something out that made no sense and the subject was dropped.  Weirdness

Sunday at 8 am, we went to the beach to take family pictures.  Family pictures go something like this, I am stressed out and forget a crucial piece of makeup or my bra is showing, DH smiles weird or doesn't look at the camera and LO is usually in a bad mood.  I decided we needed a professional as our other photo shoots with the three of us taken by friends had not gone well and usually ended in a fight.  It was freezing cold and I had decided on white shirts and jeans for the beach with LO in a white dress.  The outfit was uncreative and should have been for a July photo shoot not September and LO was not very flexible.  I felt bad as the photographer was super nice and brought great props.  The shoot ended with a breakdown and a super sad face.  The happy part was that it seemed like DH made an effort to smile and we were talking at the end.  We even went to brunch to celebrate. Sara Driscoll is the photographer that we used.  I am hoping that we achieved something like she has on her site and not