Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Plane Trip

LO took her first plane trip this weekend to Sacramento to see family.  She was really great on the plane and we were lucky to have a seat for her there and back.  We boarded the plane on Saturday morning and the stewardess grabbed her from John and took her down the aisle and into the cockpit to meet the pilots.  She was happy until she met the pilots and then she got a little scared.  They even sang a song to her over the intercom, it was pretty cute.  I fed her a bottle on take-off and she was happy.  She climbed all over the seats the whole trip and then took the binky on the descent and was fine.  We were one of the first to deplane and we stood at the gate while DH got the stroller and she greeted everyone as they got off the plane.  She loved all the attention.  On the way back, we flew home with a few people that had been on the plane there and they said, "Look there is that famous baby." DH and I thought it was funny and we were glad that the plane trip went smoothly.

I have attached my packing list as a reference for anyone travelling with a 5 month old for a two night trip.

3 night diapers
Burp clothes
5 bottles - I ended up taking 4 and should have had 5
Ziploc bags - All sizes
Lovey - unwashed
Crib sheet - for Pack n Play
Aden & Anais blanket
Thicker blanket to lay on
Brown changing pad from diaper bag
2 sleepers thicker
1 thin sleeper - didn't use
Sterilizing bag - Medela works well as you can use 20 times
1 board book
Squeeky toy - a little annoying for the plane
Stroller cover
Car seat
Sippy cup
Formula can unopened
Medela Breastmilk Freezing & Storage (*BPA Free) 12 Pack of 80ml Bottles in Retail Packaging #87061Formula 8oz -- 4 containers, I pre-scooped formula into the Medela milk containers
Syringes/Medicator for administration of medication
Ergo carrier – no insert
Paci wipes
Pacifier strap
Scented trash bags for the diapers
One water bottle
Baby Wash
Wash clothes

I shipped the following to the location:
Jumbo pack of diapers
Disposable changing pads
2 books
An inflatable bathtub that I will use when I visit again

What I was missing:
Little Tummies Gas Relief
Nail clippers
Baby lotion
Dish washing liquid