Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Pics

I have dreams of the perfect family picture. My hair looks amazing, my husband is looking at me with love and admiration and the baby looks happy and is smiling with no drool/spit-up in sight. I have mentioned our issues with pictures before.  LO is easy to get a good picture as we take a million and she doesn't move that much and still finds me to be somewhat amusing.  You throw DH and I into the pic and all h-e-double hockey sticks breaks loose.  First, I will not be photographed unless the hair is done as I hate my hair and need it to look halfway decent.  Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of energy for such activities so I try to avoid the camera.  Secondly, DH acts like someone is killing him so his smile is forced or he is overexcited and his mouth is open.

So I took matters into my own hands and hired a pro. We arrived at 8 am at the beach and it was freezing, foggy and not everyone was in a good mood.  Sara was amazing and she managed to take three unhappy anxious campers and make us look happy, somewhat in love and do a little retouching.  Check out the pics and let me know which ones you like!  I would love some honest opinions on what I should order as I have never done pro pics before.  Also, check the rest of her site as the baby pics are scrumptious.
Password: Lady

My favorite comments so far:
Aunt--"#3 makes you look gigantic. Not gigantic, but just so much bigger than LO and DH."
Me--"I am bigger than them"
Aunt--"Well, I wouldn't emphasize it."

DH--"I would like #6 for my office." 
Me-- "Any others?"
DH--"No, just that one"
Me in my head--"There is an ESSENTIAL person missing from that picture."