Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dieting Sucks!

I am on a diet.  There I said it! It sucks and I hate it.  I am on a full blown, get off your ass, time to loose the baby weight before another season rolls around and I have to buy another set of bigger bottoms.  All I can think about is food, mostly sugar and bread products so I have made a list of every weak spot/yearning/sugar sadness!!

Damn you:
  1. Susie Cakes for making a celebration cake that has confetti in it and selling it by the slice!!
  2. Vanilla Bakery for making bite sized cupcakes and requiring me to buy 3.
  3. Nestle Tollhouse for having the best cookie dough recipe and forcing me to make them all the time and eat the dough and get a tummy ache and then make the cookies and revel in their warm goodness!
  4. Vic's Mint Chip Ice Ceam and Mocha Chip shakes--aaahhhhhhhhh!
  5. See's Candy for all of your milk chocolate, caramel and almond selections and not offering calorie count so I can almost convince myself that they are not that bad.
  6. Betty Crocker for making a delicious box cake.
  7. Inventor of sourdough bread.
  8. Peanut butter and chocolate for tasting so good together.
  9. Alcohol for a million reasons
  10. And to my old friends who I had to give up in my mid-twenties.  Our time together was too short-- Twinkies, Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Cheetos and Pepsi.