Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Things that Made Me Chuckle

1.  LO has been talking up a storm and DH said he heard her talking in the middle of the night.  Wow, she must be DH's daughter.

2.  Two friends had babies this week and they are so darn cute but they both look like their dads! Oh, the irony of all that work.

3.  My cousin started kindergarten and she is so stinkin cute but I love the second pic of all the parents in the back of the class with their cameras.  They will have to remove me from LO's classroom as I will be a crazy picture fool.

4. My brother put the following post on Facebook about an article that said college was a waste of money, "pretty good article i just read, makes me rethink alllot of things." Classic
5.  LO has a friend that is crawling, sitting up on her own and has two teeth! Wow, LO barely rolls over and all I can do is laugh. It is freeing to have the kid that is the last to do everything.
6.  I went to get a massage last night and the lady said she could tell that I was stressed out and ate too much sugar and then she jumped on the table on all fours over me and put her knees into my butt.  Although startling, it felt amazing.
7.  I've been watching Jersey Shore and enjoying it.  I have to laugh that in the little time I have to myself, I watch the "Situation."