Monday, August 2, 2010


We have our own Derek Zoolander on our hands here. LO is nap nanny and swaddle free! Yippee! She is also turning out to be a side sleeper like her mama BUT she can only turn one way and that is problematic when you sleep in a cage and are stuck.  She sticks her hands through the slats in the crib and then bends them so she is stuck.  It is pretty sad and I feel bad for her as she also keeps hitting her head but it is a teensy bit comical as well.  It isn't funny at 4 am but a little funny in the regular waking hours. She just keeps turning to the same side and ends up hitting the side of the crib--when will she turn right?!!

She takes a little longer to get to sleep and wants to go to sleep later.  This is bad for my reality TV addiction but we wake her up at 7:30am so it is good for my sleeping and getting ready time. She is now sleeping in footie pjs like a big kid and it is the cutest ever. So we are back to getting more sleep and that always makes it a better day!