Monday, August 16, 2010

Torticollis Awesomeness

I ran into some bad sushi for lunch on Friday and I feel that has been defining the last few weeks.  Even pleasurable things like sushi for lunch have been kicking my ass.  We were almost to a good place with the LO's sleeping in that she went back to sleep after a little rocking when she was waking up three or four times a night. The doctor suggested putting her to sleep on her stomach!  DH and I had a long conversation to decide if we were comfortable with tummy sleeping and tried it for a nap.  She burped and then spit up a lot so we decided that it wasn't for us and put her to sleep on her side and that was working. 

This am Poppins, DH and I visited the physical therapist and she wants to put her in a sleep positioner at a slight angle underneath her armpits for the torticollis!  In addition, to the awesome sleep positioner there was a lot of tummy time and exercises that confused my tired brain.  LO responded by screaming a lot and then passing out on the floor.  I wanted to curl up next to her and let the adults figure out the rest. 

Kiddopotamus Cradler Adjustable Head Support for Newborns to Toddlers, Navy Puppy.We left the appointment and went to the nearby Babies R Us to pick up the positioner as well as the head supports for the car seat and stroller.  Although our girl will not be sporting a helmet or brace at this time she will be wedged into these awesome cradlers while awake.  If you feel that this is overkill, they show you enough deformed children pictures to scare you straight.  I'm not going to say who but one of us was in tears when they saw the pics.  Also, there is only a small window of opportunity to fix the tilt before the LO becomes more mobile and her bones fuse together on her head. In response to the new regimen she had explosive poo all over the back of my car to acknowledge her excitement.