Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sigh, Gulp

I love LO with all my heart but she is very independent.  When I say "but" I mean that I am happy but I thought I would get a little more cuddle time. My plans to have her self soothe and sleep in her own bed from the start have worked out a little too well.  She doesn't want to fall asleep in my arms or cuddle.  She wants to be fed and put in her bed.  She is only five months old, why is she acting 13? She doesn't want to be held unless you are reading a book and she has to turn the pages.  She will also let you hold her if you are in the bathroom holding her up to a mirror so she can look at herself and she is only interested in pictures that have her close-up in them.

I held one of LO's friends a few weeks ago and she was so cuddly and huggy.  LO never hugs or melts against you and closeness is for pulling hair or tugging on your face.  I must admit that I am not much of a cuddler but I thought I would have a little more lovey time with her. I remember that I hated people loving on me when I was little and thought it was great when I was old enough not to have to hug/kiss everyone.  She may look like DH but she seems to have my independent streak.

Her sleeping seems to have evened out and she is sleeping through the night or waking up once. She probably wants to avoid being held in the middle of the night.  I'm delighted that she is feeling good and can breathe well enough to sleep but could she throw me a few hugs when she is awake??