Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Stuff

I'm trying to improve my depressing post to celebratory post ratio for my blog so I thought I would upload a few recent pics!

We attended Squishy's b-day party this past weekend which was a lot of fun! There was not one picture that was good of all four of us out of the 25 that DH took. He may be fired as the photographer. I thought this was funny as it looks like the babies are sizing up the competition for outfits, attention, etc.

LO tried using a sippy cup for the first time which was fun and a great way for her to stay cool in the heat.

Earlier in the weekend, I tried to be creative a la Mila's Daydreams and failed miserably as my baby was awake and eating the raw materials.  My fortune will have to be made in a different way.

Lastly, we have two other beings that live with us that would gladly come live with you these days, not that you offered.