Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Proud Mama

LO went to the physical therapist on Friday for the diagnosis of her torticollis including severity, etc. I was prepared to walk out with the summary documents and never see the lady again.  I had not loved her the first time and the exercises were excruciating for LO in that she was sweating and crying a lot.  I figured there had to be a better solution that hopefully would be covered by insurance as this lady ain't cheap.  Sigh, biggest lesson as a mom, don't be judgy. 

She did the exercises with the LO and there was not a peep of discomfort or crying.  LO doesn't like this lady and if she can get her into her exercises and hold it for three minutes than I stand corrected and will see her again.  I had also been a little skeptical that there was a problem until I saw the pictures and diagrams and I realized that the exercises and sleep positioner are important.  There is a whole slice of LO's head that is missing! We also felt that she was only tilted sometimes but she showed us that when LO holds her head straight, her shoulder is up so the tilt is never gone.  She expected LO to make a full recovery and not need a TOT collar or a helmet.  This is the part where I brag as I have been really proud of the LO as there have been a lot of people examining, contorting and poking her and she takes it all really well.  She may squirm a little but she doesn't cry unless they scare her.  She is a tough chick and I love her so much.

Monday morning it was off to get a second opinion at UCLA Pediatric Ophthalmology with all the big deal doctors for her eyes with Poppins.  The offices were impressive and we were treated very well.  LO had to get her eyes dilated again and go through another full exam.  The eye drops sting and she took it pretty well and fell asleep.  She woke up during the exam and was a little freaked out as I was holding her but I don't think she could focus on me as her eyes were very big.  She didn't cry and they did the rest of the exam and we put these cool shades on her.  We are going to watch her eyes as the eyesight in the left one is a little worse and she does have astigmatism but they want to wait before doing any patching or glasses. Good news for the LO! She has a month reprieve on most of her doctor's appointments until she is six months old!