Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paula Abdul Shout Out

Was the song, "Two Steps Forward, Five Steps Back?" I can't remember but it was horribly obnoxious yet seems to fits the current situation. LO is NOT sleeping again!!  The shots really threw her off and she can't sleep. She has been up all night for the last two nights again and I am losing my mind.  We are not supposed to feed her according to the pediatrician but even when we do, she will not go to sleep.  Arrrrgggggggggggggg! I am at a loss and I don't even know what I am working towards as a goal. I feel like the girl in the movie who runs up the stairs instead of out the door during a scary movie.  The torticollis is turning out to be a bigger issue than I originally thought. I feel like I don't have the bandwidth to tackle the problem with no sleep.  LO squeezes her arms to her side, flares her nostrils, arches her back and screams when she is frustrated.  I am thinking of giving it a try or going Steven Slater. Side note--if that guy spends a day in jail, it will be a crime against humanity.

OK, pity party is over and I am putting my violin back in its case.  A good thing happened to me yesterday that is worth cheering about.  I had gestational diabetes during pregnancy and couldn't seem to kick it afterwards so my ob/gyn encouraged me to wait to take my all clear tests as it was determined that I would probably fail. So I opted out of the super hard 3 hour challenge and took a regular fasting and HbA1c test.  The fasting test is pretty easy to beat by eating diabetic friendly a few days before but the HbA1c looks at the past 6-8 weeks and checks your levels and I passed both! My HbA1c was a little high but in the normal range, not even pre-diabetic! It is one less thing to worry about.  I try to eat diabetic friendly at all times but it makes me feel good to know that I am doing alright and can have a cupcake.  I didn't get the name Cupcake Mama for no reason.

Shout out to Tater's Mom as well for helping me find a physical therapist and a specialist for the torticollis!