Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Snap

On Friday, Poppins, LO and I attended my company picnic.  Poppins and I took the opportunity to stage a photo shoot of the LO.  We had a great time and it was nice to spend the day with the LO instead of going to the office.
After the photo shoot/picnic, Poppins was off to get the DTaP shot as all people that have regular contact with the LO need to have the whooping cough vaccine and the LO was off to her 4 month appointment.  DH and I met to take her to her appointment.  Her appointment went great except the doctor noticed that the LO had mild torticollis and wanted her to start physical therapy right away.  We had been warned about torticollis but with all of the other stuff to worry about it seemed really low on the priority list.  I had noticed that she looked right more than she looked left but DH thought I was crazy.  So LO had her shots which is always sad and then we went home. 

Had I known that she would be up all night crying I would have taken a nap.  She was up all night crying unless we were holding her.  I finally called the doctor at 4 am and gave her more Tylenol but she still could not be consoled.  We visited the doctor on Saturday and she suggested more Tylenol and said nothing looked wrong with her.  She was pretty miserable all weekend but seems to be feeling a little better today.  At her 2 month shots, I gave her Tylenol before she didn't feel well as I didn't realize that you were supposed to wait and she was fine.  At her 6 month shots, I am giving Tylenol before the shots as I felt so bad for the LO all weekend.

In other news, the lopsided pumpkin head rolled over twice when I was on the ground with her on Sunday.  Previously, she had rolled over when she was in the crib alone with no witnesses.  She is very stingy with the tricks on demand.  I tried to videotape a third roll but she wasn't having it.