Friday, August 13, 2010

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

If you are thinking to yourself that you are going to stop reading my blog if I mention sleep one more time, I don't blame you.  This may be my last blog post on sleep.  It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that I have figured out the problem as it makes me so sad. Turns out she is not a vindictive monster who is trying to age me at a rapid rate. 

She can't breathe and swallow when she is on her back so sleeping is tough.  She is exhausted and wants to sleep upright again.  I'm scared that is the only way that she is going to be able to sleep.  Her laryngomalacia is getting worse which is normal between four and six months so her reflux is a little worse and it sounds like she has a head cold all the time.  I stayed awake when she was sleeping on her back last night and waited and I saw her struggling in her sleep to open up her throat by throwing her neck and head back.  This is probably the reason for the awesome torticollis as well. 

I am at a loss as my awesome friend the Nap Nanny is no longer a possibility and elevating the bed is not working.  I am assuming that we will just hold her for the next few months so she can sleep?? I have calls into her ENT and pediatrician but I can't imagine that they will have a great solution that has not been raised before. What to do? What to do?