Friday, August 27, 2010

Mommy To Be Advice

I use "advice" loosely and I speak only from my limited experience.  When I was pregnant it was hard to imagine the baby arriving and what I would need to accommodate and care for her beyond the basic crib.  I took a lot of time on my registry and was almost offended when people veered off the list.  Sometimes it pays to not be as picky as some of the best items that were lifesavers were not on the registry.  I thought I would do a round-up of the most useful newborn items.

Under The Nile Swaddle Blankets BlueSwaddle blankets
Everyone buys the Carters 4 packs and the Aden & Anais 4 packs. The Carters 4 packs are way too small after the first week and the A&As have way too much material at first.  You can find plenty of uses for the A&As as they are the "must have" blanket and are nice to throw over the stroller or car seat.  What really worked well for us was the Under the Nile blankets.  They get a little fuzzy when you wash them so they stay in place.  They are a good weight and very stretchy.  We used these until she was way too big and I can't give them up as I remember how good they were to us.

Kimono style onesies and shirts
We were terrified of LO when she was born and it seemed so much easier to put her in something that didn't need to go over her head. The shirts were useful until the belly button thingie fell off and the long sleeved onesies worked well after.

Little Tummies
We were so worried the first time she had gas and was screaming.  Little Tummies worked like a champ and now I give it every night before bed.  No one should have to be awake because of gas! I should mention that she gets bad gas and I don't just dose her for the heck of it.

Big Hooded Towels
The little thin dinky 2 pack of towels that everyone receives from Babies R Us are too small and they outgrow them fast.  LO didn't like the bath at first so it was extra traumatic if she was cold.

Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal AspiratorHumidifier
I didn't receive a humidifier as a gift but should have bought one as I was not prepared for the first time LO got sick.  It was hard to imagine her getting sick so I didn't have any supplies.  I did a review of a great humidifier. You will also need saline drops, Little Noses is a good one and a Nose Frieda.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Snow Globe & Lights BouncerBouncy Seat
I was convinced that LO would love the swing and there would be no need for a bouncy seat.  She hated the swing and loves the bouncy seat.  Fisher Price makes the best one that vibrates and plays horrible music.  She can't get enough.  She can even hit the whale and play the music herself which she does over and over again.

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow - Ivory DotOne thing that I wish I had was a Bosom Baby pillow instead of the Boppy.  They are larger and you can manipulate them better than the Boppy.  It is too late now as we have two Boppys and we are almost past using a pillow to feed her.

I have a love/hate relationship with Pottery Barn as I am appalled by their prices but love their products.  We received a crib sheet made of "plush chamois" from Pottery Barn that I thought would be nice during winter but I had 5 regular crib sheets that I planned to use.  We use the chamois sheet every night as it feels like a lovey against her skin. 

Swisspers Facial Cleansing Pads 50 eaLastly, we didn't use wipes for the first six weeks.  I would have told you that we would use wipes immediately but her skin was so sensitive.  We used these large square facial cleansing pads.

Items that were never used:
Newborn & 3 month footie pjs
Newborn bibs
Newborn hats
Bulb aspirator
Fancy newborn outfits
Bottle warmer
Wipe warmer