Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lab Rat

LO participated in a language study at UCLA last week.  I signed her up as I am interested in language/communication with young babies and I like hearing about cutting edge research.  I was also lured by the "small gift for children."  I thought that it would be something very cool and educational.  I pondered if it would be something from Manhattan Toy or something that I had never heard of.

We arrived at our designated time and were met by a grad student who commented on LO's eyebrows! They are not that bad! LO needs to maybe grow a little hair to offset her brows but who cuts on a baby??

After her snarky comment, she asked if LO would be OK participating in two studies that were four minutes each.  I thought she could handle sitting on my lap for eight minutes and agreed.  I had read online that only 10 students are accepted every year to this program and it was a five year graduate program. I was expecting an interactive study with the latest technology.   My third reason for participating was to learn more about the UCLA elementary school and if participating in studies increased your chances of being accepted. 

We sat in a small classroom with a black sheet and three blinking lights and some recorded voices for four minutes and then a different room for four minutes with a screen that showed black and white squares.  At the end LO was awarded with her small gift of a T-SHIRT and certificate! That is a not a cutting edge educational toy and I learned nothing about the elementary school! LO's career as a research subject may be over as it was an interesting one-time experience but not worth doing it all the time.