Monday, August 23, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Friday was not a good day for the LO.  We went to a new ENT at UCLA.  Our new pediatrician is with UCLA and she prefers for the specialist to be within UCLA.  When I had called our old ENT, she suggested this ENT as well as she is even more specialized than the others.  I was hoping to beg off another scope by presenting our old scope results but the doctor would not be deterred.  Poppins had to leave the room when she saw the scope and I don't blame her.  It is really heart-breaking and she gets so sad.  The doctor decided that she would need to go another six months with the medication.  There had been some hope that we could stop at six months but that is not the case.  Unfortunately, we have to go back in two months for a follow-up visit. 

After that traumatic visit, we were off to the eye doctor as I had noticed one of her eyes looked like it was crossing and could explain the torticollis so it needed to be checked out.  She had to get her eyes dilated which is another traumatic experience and then an exam.  I was feeling bad as the eye doctor marked the fourth doctor visit in one week! The doctor gave her a patch for her eye-so sad! She also wants us to try and allergen-proof her bedroom as she saw some irritation in her eyes that would explain why she is always grabbing her eyeball. 

So we went home and were playing for a few minutes before her bath and I cut off the tip of her finger when I was trying to cut her nails!! There was so much blood that I had to fight back the nausea and hysteria that was brewing at the surface.  I called DH to come home in case I passed out.  After two hours we still could not stop the blood so we were off to Urgent Care.  They were very nice but LO screamed for a long time as they put silver nitrate on her finger to stop the blood.  It was such a sad scene that I am still sick to my tummy.  She was in her white footie pjs with duck feet sweating and crying.  We were finally released and we held her the entire night as she couldn't put her finger in her mouth.  She was not too pleased as she wanted to be in her bed away from us.

All weekend she was spitting up and had a lot of tummy problems so I felt even worse for her.  I think all the screaming made her reflux aggravated and she was so uncomfortable.  DH and I kept telling her how braved she acted but I think that she was just pissed.  On Saturday we went to a picnic with our Mommy & Me friends that was a lot of fun but LO just didn't feel well.  We also had our last class of Mommy & Me for this session.  You know what that means~a new video!

The weekend ended well as DH planned a family outing to a small children's museum!  It was only two small floors and it was really sweet.  They had a huge pinball machine and a water table that LO loved.  It was a great family outing and I was impressed that he took the time to plan it.  She was so excited to see Poppins this am.  Hmmmmmmm, wonder why??