Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blah, Eh, Wah

I have started three different blog posts on "fascinating" subjects and I am finding it hard to finish them as they are such hot topics for me.  I'm also having a hard time concentrating so I find myself surfing the web looking to buy clothes for me or the LO.  There are a lot of great deals out there that make it difficult to concentrate.

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Pottery Barn Kids Free Shipping on their adorable treat bags
Hautelook has awesome high chairs on sale in the exact style/color that I wanted
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LO is not sleeping again and I am going to go to a new ENT on Monday and they are going to scope her again! Uggggggg! I feel so bad for her and I know that the reflux/breathing is causing the torticollis.  The sleep positioner has not been working well for us as she fights it and can't sleep.  The cranio facial doctor gave me a lecture yesterday about being a parent.  He basically said, "Suck it up and do the exercises or your daughter is going to be in a world of hurt, biatch."  I may be paraphrasing a bit. 

LO hates the exercises and is surprisingly strong and aggressive. She has a mean right hook that shows no mercy.  It is easy for me during the day to reason that we have to put her in the postioner to sleep but hard when she is waking up hourly.  Oh well, tonight is another night and I will try again.  I am also making her do the exercises as it seems kind of lame that I would let a 4 month old take advantage of me.  The only thing I can say in my defense is she wears monkeys on her pjs and there are monkey heads on the feet.  It is just hard to be tough when she looks so damn cute!

I rely on Poppins to do the majority of the exercises as she is home with her especially during her happy and calm times. It makes me doubly happy that we have her as I trust that she will do the exercises and how would we have worked that into the schedule at daycare?! As the doctors talk about time frames for the torticollis and reflux, I am beginning to doubt that she will be able to go to daycare at one year. I hope that she doesn't turn into a socially inept kid that bites and pulls out her eyebrows instead of making friends.