Tuesday, August 3, 2010

25 Things You May Not Know About Me

I love this section in US magazine so I thought that I would come up with my own list.
1. I love, love plain Rice Cakes.  I might be the only person keeping the business alive.
2. I like to eat in the car while driving.
3. I always root for the team playing against the Lakers.
4. I like being a mom more than I thought I would.
5. I hate my hair but love the color.
6. I am terrified of aging.
7. Birds scare me.
8. Cotton is my fave fabric.
9. I like being married even if I complain a lot.
10. I like working.
11. I am on a mission to never clean a toilet for the remainder of my life.
12.  I want more babies but only if we can afford it.
13. I eat peanut butter every single day.
14. I prefer egg whites as I am scared of the yolk.
15. I would eat cake or mint chip ice cream for every single meal.
16. I wish that I could work out every day.
17. I think Evian tastes like sewage.
18. I refuse to eat anything cute.
19. I would go back to college given the opportunity even though I graduated.
20. I get uncomfortable when people are overly emotional.
21. I don't like romantic comedies.
22. As fascinating as I may find you, I have no facial recognition and will not remember what you look like until I see you three times. It should have its own name or syndrome.
23. I hate cinnamon.
24. I wanted to be a lobbyist when I grew up.
25. If I could travel all the time and not own a home, I would.