Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We have been working on getting rid of the Nap Nanny for sleeping and it has not been going very well.  The first night was hard and I was up from 10pm to Midnight and again at 1am when I finally gave in and put the NN back in the crib and she slept until 7am.  Last night she went to bed really easy but didn't drink her last bottle so I was a little nervous.  After an hour, I was cautiously optimistic and was making all kinds of deals.  For example, if she sleeps through the night I will buy her a Maserati for her 16th birthday.  Then I started to get cocky and was thinking that I didn't give her enough credit as she is highly adaptable. 

It was fortunate that she woke up at 8, 9, 10 and 11:30 as I don't have the money to buy her a Maserati. I fed her at 11:30 which I hate doing as I hate putting her back to sleep after eating a full bottle because of her acid reflux.  So after the bottle, I took extreme measures and got in the crib with her.  Yes, you read correctly, I get in the crib with the kid.  She has a nice firm mattress that she is obviously not using and I am tired. I had only gotten in the crib twice before but was in the crib three times last night as she was up again at 4:30 and then 5:30.  We fed her a bottle again at 5:30 and she went back to sleep until 7am.

LO was sleeping 11-12 hours straight every night with the NN and now is up all night long.  I thought that the second night would get easier but it was all sadness. I am giddy with lack of sleep and losing my resolve to power through.  Any suggestions?