Friday, July 30, 2010

Midget, No More

Valley of the Dolls
Since LO turned 4 months this week, it was time to check in with her GI doctor.  LO, Poppins, (Poppins is LO's nanny) and me went across town to Cedars-Sinai this am to see Dr. Cynamon who specializes in pediatrics.  I did a lot of research and LO has some of the best GI and ENT doctors in Los Angeles.  She has two GI, ENT and pediatricians.  We have double because all of them have a lot of conflicting opinions so I do not change her medication or formula without a second doctor agreeing with the diagnosis and change. Dr. Cynamon was very impressed with her growth as she is in the 40th percentile for weight and 55th percentile for height!  She has even popped a little belly and some cheeks. 
We discussed medication and I tend to be more conservative than him but we found a middle ground that I am willing to try.  He was also very impressed that she took the medication so easily and even liked it as that is really rare. LO could be a pill popping character in one of my fave books, Valley of the Dolls.*

LO also enjoys going to the doctor's office and even being examined.  It is very strange as she always has a coy smile for even the driest of personalities.  I think she will either become a doctor or want to date one later on in life.  The only piece of sad news was that our pediatrician had thought LO could go onto regular formula at 6 months and Dr. Cynamon was very opposed and said that LO could have a strong reaction and stop breathing.  She should only try other milk products/formula in a doctor's office where they would be able to administer a very scary sounding procedure. He also pointed out that she still doesn't breathe very regularly as when he was listening to her lungs, he kept saying that he needed her to breathe to complete the exam.

Overall, it was a good appointment and having Poppins there made it so much easier! I think back to when she was a tiny baby and I would go by myself and would start crying in the parking lot as she would cry the whole time and I would be so sad.  I would have liked him to tell me that she is cured and to no longer worry but having her gain that much weight was just as good!

*Valley of the Dolls was given to me to read by my grandmother when I was 13 and it was a big improvement over the Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club series.