Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Doctor Approved

Sometimes when I go to Mommy & Me, I get a little sad.  I love the people and the babies and enjoy the time spent with all the new moms but LO is the smallest baby and I am a little sensitive.  I see all the other babies progressing and hitting milestones that the LO hits at her own speed. I am not worried about bragging rights, I just want LO to be "normal." 

I get a lot of comments from strangers when they see her and ask her age.  My favorites include, "She is so small, I can barely see her," or "Was she born fifteen minutes ago," or the one used most often, "Was she premature?" I usually just say, "She is small," when someone asks her age and then turn away so that I don't have to have the same conversation.  Couple that with the medication dance that we always seem to be playing, her multiple doctors and a girl can get a little down. 

All of that changed today! We were at the doctor this afternoon dealing with some of the above and the LO looked at the doctor and said, "Hi!" The doctor looked at her and me and said, "Yes, she just said hi." The doctor promptly walked out the door. I wanted to run after her and ask if we should put it in her ever expanding chart or if she could write me a note verifying the linguistic miracle but I was left by myself to revel in the triumph.