Monday, July 19, 2010

Benadryl Dreamin'

I'm sick. I have gone through all the stages of sickness, denial, denial, hope that it will pass, anger, frustration and acceptance.  Weekend plans were canceled, errands were avoided and copious amounts of vitamins were digested. My life is scheduled, fun times are planned and there is no room for illness.  I live in fear of illness for the LO.  I keep her away from anyone that exhibits as much as a cough.  I am not a crazy germaphobe but I have been scared by her doctors, the Internet and other mamas.  I pray that she outgrows her respiratory problems before flu season hits.  But the unavoidable has happened and I am sick.  I have tried to not breathe on her and washed my hands until they are red but I am a gross, snotty and sneezy mess.

The upside to all of this grossness, I have begun a love affair with Benadryl.  Wow, this stuff really helps you sleep.  Unfortunately, all that sleep has resulted in a recurring dream where I can't find my car in a multi-level parking garage at an airport. Even in the dream, I know that I am going to be unable to find the car.  My mind knows that this is a recurring dream but still I go up and down the staircase searching for my car.  What in the world does that mean?? Is it time for a new car? The dream used to involve an elevator that never let me off on the right floor but thankfully I have smartened up and use the stairs.