Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Acid Reflux Relief

The first eight weeks with the LO were really hard as we didn't want to medicate our tiny baby but it was clear that she was in pain. We tried all different suggestions such as keeping her upright for 45 minutes after she ate and elevating everything so she was never on her back. I bought Colic Calm but chickened out before trying it. I had a Snuggle Nest which I really liked in theory. It was easy to transport, played music, had a light and was on an incline. Unfortunately, it was not enough of an incline and she still had a hard time breathing and would wake herself up.

A fellow reflux suffering mom suggested the Nap Nanny and I was reluctant to buy as the price seemed high. Instead I bought a bouncy seat, tried the car seat and put more blankets under the Snuggle Nest to incline it more which resulted in the LO slipping down to the bottom of the Nest. I finally broke down and bought the Nap Nanny and the LO started sleeping for much longer stretches and currently sleeps through the night. DH thought it looked like the inside of an El Camino but I was in love. She looks hilarious when she is sleeping in it.

Unfortunately, she is starting to move and ended up over the side of the Nap Nanny. I have read the multiple reviews and people mentioned that it may happen even when they are strapped in. LO was not strapped in as she had not been moving. I am looking for my next Nap Nanny solution and need suggestions. Let me know what comes next!